Cup sealing machine


Cup sealing machine


how to operate this machine

1.connect the powder and press swith to “on”
2.adjust the sealing time according to different materials of lids and effect of sealing.if you set it 3s,when you haul down the holder,then the machine will seal the cups,the holder will spring up when the time is up.
3.sealing temperature you can adjust it from 0 to 300 according to diffient materials of lids.
4.there are three operation platform(with 3 molds).first you put the cups into designed mold on three platform and cover the lids (the width should be 17cm or bigger)on them,when sealing one platform,you  can rotate to another,when you sealing that you can rotato to next,do this go on and on. so the operation is very easy, anybody can operate it.

Voltage : 220v
Power : 450w
Temperature range : 0-300
Sealing time : 0-10s
Output effiency : 1800cups/hour
3 operation platforms(effective operation square is 20cmx17cm),
3 designed molds
Product size : 480x370x650mm
N.W : 23kg